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Welcome to the Living Essence Foundation.

We are a non-profit organization which provides support in awakening to people who have limited income. We work with people in prison, with people in hospice, with full time students, and indigenous people. Our website is currently undergoing reconsctruction, please be patient with us. If you wish to apply for free support from a Living Essence Practitioner, please contact us.

We recognize that a growing and tangible shift is taking place in our world. Increasing numbers of people are waking up to a deeper dimension of themselves and reality. In the light of this realization, there is the possibility to create a magnificent life of service and inspiration. Such people are no longer limited to the usual agenda of compulsive desire and fear, they have become translucent. Our foundation exists to celebrate and to support this shift in global consciousness, from separation to Oneness.

Everything we do at the Living Essence Foundation is inspired by our original founder, Arjuna Ardagh. Please note that the Foundation no longer offers training programs, courses, or other events, we focus on providing support in awakening to specific populations. You can find out about the work that Arjuna is currently involved in, through other organizations, from the links below.


Connie Kishbaugh

Important Links to Arjuna Ardagh!!

Arjuna Ardagh now teaches a training program, called Awakening Coaching Training, through another organization. You can get information about becoming an Awakening Coach here.

He also offers regular free and paid teleseminars through Awakening World Seminars. You can get information here.

Arjuna writes twice a week on his blog, which is syndicated. You can read his blog here.

Our foundation no longer maintains an on-line store. But you can buy books, CDs and DVDs by Arjuna and other authors here.

If you wish to contact Awakening World, which hosts Arjuna Ardagh's activities, do so here.